I am a digital marketing executive with 20+ years’ experience, and an entrepreneurial spirit who relishes the opportunity to bring a creative idea from conception to launch. I pride myself on my ability to improve the workplace culture by bridging generational gaps. In particular, I have an extensive, proven track record of connecting with millennials and helping them to reach their potential in the classroom and the workplace. I am seeking a full-time position where I can leverage my management skills, my extensive marketing and digital media experience, my communication/teaching skills and my business development acumen.

I began working in the new media space soon after graduating from college, helping e-Coupons to acquire clients (Citibank, Forbes, Nordic Track, +200 local businesses) for its web-based coupon business. I account-managed the construction of the first websites for A&E Television Networks, AT&T Long Distance and Mars Inc. I led the development of Citibank’s first online credit card application. I played a key role in the merger transitions for GeoCities (purchased by Yahoo!) and Net4Music (merged with Coda Music to form MakeMusic). I developed and launched an online hockey magazine (Inside Hockey) and an email marketing service for musicians (Band Letter). I helped Pro Football Focus to design and launch its fantasy football subscription service, and I helped Capture to prepare its app for public use. And I taught digital media as a senior lecturer (adjunct) at Suffolk University for eight years, consistently receiving top-notch reviews from students.

My work portfolio is divided into two pages. The Experience page is a more traditional résumé, with my work ordered by employer/client. The Skills page breaks down my capabilities, detailing how each skill was cultivated throughout my career. On the Recommendations page, you can see what former employers/clients/students have said about me on LinkedIn. Additional references are available upon request.