“Under Kevin’s instruction, I learned how to build and design websites, something that I still continue to do today. In class, he taught us how to analyze changing market trends and critically think about digital marketing solutions. He didn’t teach from a book, but rather brought practical real-life experiences into the classroom, something that would be relatable to everyone. Kevin is someone who wants everyone to succeed. I would find myself observing his kind and passionate demeanor and the way he always fostered a respectful and inclusive classroom environment. Never once did I think to myself, he doesn’t care. Kevin truly cares. He was always available for advice, and even after I have graduated I know that I can come back to him for anything I might need. A gem of a person. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with him is considerably lucky and I would recommend him without a second thought.”

Fatima Ramzanali

“Kevin is an innovate and engaging communications professional who I had the pleasure of learning from. In his classes, I always felt empowered and respected. Kevin was direct and clear with his expectations while allowing our creative juices to flow. He went above and beyond to make himself available for help and to clarify any assignment. We often times had challenging and polarizing discussions about current events where Kevin fostered an inclusive and diverse environment to learn and grow in. He is a leader and fosters other leaders! Any professional would be lucky to have Kevin on their team.”

Mirangeles (Angel) Davis

“Kevin is one of the best people and professors I’ve come across at Suffolk University. I took two courses with him during my junior year and learned how to build and design websites, as well as analysis the future and growing trends of social media. He was incredibly knowledgeable in every aspect of the field, and taught me many thing beyond the classroom that I use in my daily life and job.

“His experiences, knowledge, and natural willingness to always go above and beyond is quite rare. He is someone who does not stop at the minimum requirement, and truly cares about his students.

“I was incredibly lucky to learn under his instruction. Kevin is someone everyone wants to know. He is charismatic, kind, intelligent, innovative, inspired, and passionate about his work. The thoughtfulness he put into each lesson was truly generous and exceptional, and there aren’t enough good words I could use for him.

Connie Lai

“Kevin Greenstein was one of my favorite professors at Suffolk University. He has such a great energy and positivity about him and a profound understanding of how media affects our culture, and how we can help shape media and evolving forms of tech.

“My favorite class Kevin taught was Design Lab — where he showed me basic skills in Photoshop and InDesign, something to this day people find extremely helpful. He really taught me a lot about myself and how to focus and hone my creativity.

“Ultimately going to Kevin’s classes everyday was an absolute pleasure and I always felt like I was learning. He coached me on figuring out social media marketing (tips I used to help garner over 8,000 followers on my personal social media) as well as product branding and platform usage.

“Kevin taught me almost everything I feel I learned in college, and for that I am thankful – he is a phenomenal professor and an even better person.

John Stier

“Kevin was my professor for the New Media New Markets course at Suffolk University. In this class, he taught us about the changing marketing landscape by having us create a site using WordPress. There were all different levels of technical knowledge in the class, but Professor Greenstein managed to accommodate everyone in a way that left us all ending the semester with a much better grasp of digital marketing than we came in with.

“Having Kevin as my professor in this course set me up for professional success, as I still use knowledge gained in that class to this day. He has always made himself accessible and is always willing to lend an ear to former students as they try to navigate the professional world. Kevin clearly has a passion for all things digital marketing and it definitely shows in all that he does. I recommend Kevin without hesitation to any business that is lucky enough to have the chance to work with him.

Julia Shuruyeva

“As a student, I had many teachers and educators pass through my life, yet only a special few left a lasting impression – and even fewer stood out as mentors or even friends. Without question Kevin was and continues to be all three years after I’ve graduated.

“I always enjoyed and looked forward to the classes I had with Kevin, he would often go to great lengths in order to see his students succeed. Kevin would present materials in class that would push our creativity to the next level and gave us the support we needed to follow through and execute on such ideas. I was able to leave his classes with a framework that has carried me throughout my career, which is something I am truly grateful for.

“After graduating from Suffolk, I am fortunate enough to call Kevin both a mentor and a friend. I know I can easily reach out to him for advise or questions pertaining to my current career, or even projects I am tackling on my own. Kevin will go above and beyond to help in anyway he can to see you succeed – a rare breed in this profession. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with or learn from Kevin is truly lucky.

Molly Moran

“I don’t hesitate to say that Kevin Greenstein has been one of the most influential teachers in my life, and has absolutely inspired me to follow my dreams. Over the past seven years, Kevin has been my professor, mentor, boss, and most recently my friend.

“While my professor at Suffolk University and during a time where I was interested in gaining experience in the communications world, Kevin connected me with the author of Socialnomics, a book we read as part of the curriculum for the New Media, New Markets course. This in turn translated into an amazing internship where I learned new skills as well as wrote for and applied my design skills obtained in Kevin’s class to the Socialnomics blog. Even after I graduated, he helped me obtain a freelance writing job to keep growing my skill set and gain experience.

“This of course is just one example of how Kevin went above and beyond for his students. He would often go at great lengths in order to see his students succeed, and he taught us real life, relevant, applicable skills to take with us in our careers.

“Mainly, Kevin gave his students confidence that their ideas were worth pursuing. Recently, I started a travel blog and I contacted him for advice. In true form, Kevin went above and beyond to help me create an impactful logo, implement a strategy, and think about revenue streams for the future.

“Since day one, Kevin Greenstein has motivated me to follow my dreams and has always believed that I could make it happen. I am grateful to have learned so much from him and am happy to call him my mentor and friend.”

Lauren Mae Pelkey

“I loved having Professor Greenstein as my teacher. Even though the class I took was a long night class, I always found myself looking forward to it. He is very pleasant to be around, and was an extremely effective teacher. One of the things I learned in his class was how to design websites, and I was able to get a job in that field after graduation which I would not have been able to do without the knowledge and skills gained in his class. Overall, Professor Greenstein is an incredibly positive, constructive, professional presence to have around and were I to go back to school I would absolutely want him to be my professor again. Anyone would be lucky to have him as part of their professional team.

Jessica Ialacci

“I was one of the lucky students to snag a spot in Professor Greenstein’s class at Suffolk University… His classes always filled up quickly. In his course, we learned the skills to build and design a website. The website could be anything we wanted it to be – this made it much more interesting for all the students in the class. Not only was the project fun, but it was challenging. While I had a passion for marketing, advertising, the technology/design side of things never came easy to me. I expressed my concerns and Professor Greenstein took time to work with me to become successful in his class and in my career down the line. And he ddi this with any student that had trouble.

“Upon graduation I went into advertising as an account manager and worked with countless clients and Creative Directors on projects similar to the one I worked on in his class. Because I had a full knowledge base, I have been able to communicate efficiently to ensure our end product is a success for our client. This is something I wouldn’t have been able to do without Kevin’s class, but most importantly his teaching. I took his class five years ago and I still remember the classroom and the lessons. He’s an incredible educator and mentor.

“I also forgot to mention that he started each class with a discussion of what was happening in the digital space (in 2011, that was a lot!). This would help get our minds racing about creativity, and what was possible — he pushed us to see what was possible. A talent few professors possess.”

Karolyne Crowe

“I had Kevin as a professor in a class called New Media New Markets. His class’s focus was around learning how to build your own website through WordPress. Daunting, yes, but Kevin brought the class through each step and really knew the platform and how to actually teach us how to build from the platform.

“I decided to make my website for new leadership conference I was a part of. My intent was to actually use it for the conference, for potential participants to go to website to learn more, download the application, contact the leaders through a contact form. My intent was actually accomplished with the incredible help of Kevin. Throughout the semester, I learned how to build an actual working site, and it was live and ready to use by December.

“Yes, Kevin was and is a great professor and teacher, but he also goes above and beyond. Since he knew I needed the site to be more than a simple WordPress blog, he helped me transfer the domain to one that I had bought. He kept the site on his server and I’m sure periodically checked on it far after the final grades were submitted and his obligation was over. Fast-forward about 18 months and the site was no longer active. I contacted him in a panic, and he seemingly dropped everything to not only answer my question, but to actually fix it and tell me what was wrong. To this day, that site it still being used as a tool for this leadership program.

“It is my pleasure to recommend Kevin Greenstein, one of the most selfless and talented professors I have had the pleasure to meet and learn from.

Taylor Preston

“Kevin was my professor at Suffolk for my New Media Markets class, and he made such an impact in my life. Kevin is so intelligent and uses that intelligence to spread to every single student he has in class. He is an extremely humble guy and always is willing to help no matter the circumstance while also never getting frustrated. Going to Kevin’s class was honestly a breath of fresh air for me. I always felt like he was cheering the class on to learn and expand our minds instead of stressing so much about the hardships of college. His patience is unreal and his kindness is even more breathtaking. He honestly is a ray of sunshine. I never felt like I couldn’t ask him for help whether it was about school or even my personal life. He is such a great person and brought warmth to Suffolk and to class every day. I am extremely blessed that I have met such a wonderful, caring, as well as genuine person that I hope to hold friendship with for the rest of my life. Here’s to you, Kevin! You rock!

Joscelina Maine

“Some words that describe Kevin Greenstein: Kind, generous, thoughtful, intelligent, caring, strategic, innovative.

Kevin was my professor at Suffolk University. His teaching style was very clear, calm and stimulating. He is in my top 2 list for reasonable professors that go beyond their role as just a professor, but as a true mentor and friend.

When I was in need of direction after college, Kevin stepped up and met with me, offering great guidance and even offered to connect me with many people in his network. His level generosity is very rare. He truly cares about the his students.

Kevin is someone that you WANT to know. Someone that you WANT to work with. He is a rare and valuable commodity that I highly recommend as a co-worker and friend.

Derek Brisson

“While at Suffolk University I took Kevin’s Design Lab course. I consistently looked forward to the three hour class, as it was a relaxing outlet for creativity and exploration. Kevin cultivated a safe, interesting, and challenging learning environment; one in which I felt not only comfortable but excited to share industry examples, my own work, and ask questions. While at Suffolk, I recommended him as a professor to all of my peers interested in Advertising and Design. His knowledge of the industry and ability to effectively share it with his students were a true inspiration to me.”

Alyssa McBriar

“I was extremely enthusiastic to take Professor Greenstein’s media course, as many of my other marketing courses were more traditionally focused. This was around the time Internet and social media marketing/strategy was becoming huge, and his course was key to getting in the loop this boom. (Thanks for teaching it!) Professor Greenstein is personable, easy to learn from, and has a great knowledge of the current media world. He has also stayed in touch after I graduated in 2013. Two thumbs up!”

Angela Bray

“During my four years at Suffolk, I was enrolled in two classes with Kevin: New Media, New Markets and Design Lab. Both classes dealt with teaching students the Adobe Suite, with a focus on Photoshop and Illustrator. Despite being large classes, Kevin worked one-on-one with each student to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to learn at their own pace and grow in a comfortable and respectful environment. Going into the class, I was familiar with the platforms being used, but Kevin challenged me in ways that spearheaded my interest in copywriting and web design. He was always approachable, friendly, and honest, and gave as much constructive criticism as was needed to produce the best work possible. Even outside the classroom, Kevin worked closely with me when I was designing my portfolio website, lending extensive feedback and guidance at every stage, which demonstrates his passion, knowledge, and commitment to the success of his students. I would recommend Kevin very highly, as he would be a tremendous asset to any organization.”

Matthew Goppee

“Professor Greenstein was one of my all time favorite professors in college. When I was put into this class not knowing anything about him, many people kept telling me incredible things about him. He has a way with connecting with his students in a professional yet fun way, which makes learning very enjoyable. He used different teaching styles throughout each class to make sure that everyone is understanding. You can tell he genuinely cares for all of his students, wanting to help them in any way which he can. I would highly recommend Professor Greenstein for students.”

Kayla Layton

“Looking back on my college career, I can say that without a doubt Kevin was one of my favorite professors. His passion and knowledge for the digital space was exposed in a matter of seconds when sitting in on my first class with him.

“In one of his courses we were required to build and design a website of our own. Having no experience with this before, I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to successfully complete this project. However that quickly changed when Kevin went above and beyond for every student. He would take the time to sit down with each student to review our progress and offer his opinions on how to get our site to the next level, even if that means staying past our scheduled class time. With that being said, by the end of the semester, I acquired new skills I never thought I would with Kevin’s guidance.

“Kevin truly cares about his students’ success. From questions on homework assignments to advice on a career path, you could always rely on Kevin for providing you with the best answers. Kevin encourages his students to think differently and really made us dig deeper when discussing/ thinking about a particular issue. Either in the classroom or in the workplace, I know Kevin will exceed all expectations and be an inspiration to others.”

Casey Cornell

“I had the pleasure of taking three different classes with Kevin over the course of my four years at Suffolk. He made the classroom experience a valuable one by fostering a comfortable environment in which students felt supported and at ease. He translated his knowledge and skills seamlessly into the classroom through detailed demonstrations and one-on-one tutorials with students, and was always available outside the classroom to offer additional help when needed. I not only learned a great deal in each of the classes I took with Kevin, but I also enjoyed a positive, uplifting environment which I know was a testament to his passion and skill as a professor.”

Anna Abate

“I had Kevin as a professor for a New Media New Markets class. I was dreading taking the required course for my major and thought the premise sounded awful and terrible. Kevin made it one of my favorites. The content was always modern and relevant, including recent articles and discussing issues that affected us; it never felt like repeat material or rehashing old years’ lessons. If we asked about something that was relevant to the class, even if not related to the material we were actively discussing, he would take the time to address it. He would even offer to look into materials/articles and email them out later (and sometimes did)!

“One of our main projects for the semester was building a website. It was something that I had always wanted to do, but never bothered to or entirely understood how to do. When we were given (ample) class time to work on our sites, Kevin was always available for questions and to offer solutions and suggestions. By the end of the class, I had a very functional website which I used for a couple years after (and which he helped me to set up with a domain and hosting, as I didn’t know much about that either).

“Basically he’s a fun and engaging professor who understands modern tech, current issues, and so on. If you put nothing into the class, you probably won’t get much out of it. But if you want to try and learn, there are so many takeaways; from practical social media use to theoretical ideas about business, ethics, and the progression of media. I’m grateful to have had such a wonderful professor for what could have been an absolutely terrible class.”

Ange Rawling

“I had the pleasure of taking Kevin’s New Media New Markets course at Suffolk University. Prior to taking his course, I had zero knowledge on creating a website and very little experience with photoshop. He was the only professor at Suffolk University who I felt genuinely cared about his students’ success. While enrolled in his class, he helped me create a website for a Law Firm I was currently employed at which the Attorneys were more than happy with all thanks to Kevin! Not only did I learn a tremendous amount in his class, later on I reached out to Kevin for help creating a website for my Makeup Artistry Business. He has been extremely kind, patient and generous with his time. I cannot thank him enough for the amount of time he has dedicated. If it was not for him I wouldn’t have been able to to bring my vision to life!!!! He is truly a great mentor, super knowledgeable in his field and is willing to help any way that he can. Thanks, Kevin, you rock!”

Diandra Dente

“Kevin is a passionate guy. In the digital world we live in it is easy to get lost in the monotony of staring at screens all day. While Kevin’s professional life revolves around this, he remains a humble, down to earth, and personable professor. I took New Media New Markets with him and he managed to keep it extremely informative while allowing us to cater the specific goals of the class to our own interests or career paths. I am a lifelong musician and was able to build a website for my Boston-based band which had very little web presence prior. Kevin was readily available inside and outside the classroom for anything I or any of his other students needed. He is the epitome of a professor who goes above and beyond for his students. To this day (4 years later), Kevin regularly checks in with me regarding my personal and professional life. I consider it a privilege to have taken his class and to now call him a friend. I cannot recommend Kevin enough. If you have the chance to take any of his classes or to work with him on a professional level, DO IT.”

Zach Cohen

“I was delighted to be able to experience Professor Greenstein’s class at Suffolk University. The wait-list for getting into his class was probably the longest I’ve seen, and repeated every semester. When I was finally able to get into his class, I knew it was incredible. Students were given the independence to design and launch something of their own creation, while having the structure and resources needed to do our best possible work. The class was extremely insightful as well as fun and inviting towards learning and growing. I would say that learning the skills I did from his class, I will carry with my for the rest of my professional career. I recommend any individual to take his class or hire him for his incredibly innovative and effective way of teaching and thinking.”

Lauren Scarlett

“Professor Greenstein was an animated and passionate mentor as well as a stand-out professor. He demonstrated a dynamic, practical and engaging atmosphere in his courses. His reputation for being a knowledgeable and approachable professor were easily confirmed by taking his course. I also have great admiration for his personal interest in students but also his entrepreneurial tendencies and digital expertise. Without any hesitation, I would say he is glowing example of an interactive and informative professor.”

Aisling Fox

“During my 2-year period at Suffolk University, Kevin was the best professor I had there. His class, New Media, required students to create their own website. To me, this was daunting at first, but with his clear instructions, guidance, and availability outside of class, I truly ended the semester with newfound confidence in website content and design. Essentially, as a professor and a person, Kevin is relatable, approachable and stimulates interest in a given field. I would highly recommend all students to take his class, it was truly a pleasure.”

Nancy Wong

“Kevin is an amazing teacher and mentor. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kevin for over a year and have gained a lot of knowledge and insight in marketing, social media, website creation, etc throughout this classes. New Media, New Markets was my favorite class that Kevin taught. It inspired me so much that I created my own blog that I run full time from what Kevin taught me. I’ve recommended him to my peers and even sent his resume to my parents for their company website!”

Gabrielle Moen

“Kevin was one of the best professors I had at Suffolk University. His classes always had the longest waiting lists. Not only did our class learn a lot about the digital world and building websites, but he took the time to make sure everyone in the class knew exactly what they were doing. Kevin would always reiterate to students to use him as a resource in the future. Years after taking Kevin’s class, he has helped me with multiple, digital projects. He is so knowledgable in his field and always goes out of his way to help in anyways that he can!”

Olivia Singer

“Kevin was my professor at Suffolk University for the New Media, New Markets course. He is a multi-faceted professional who has a passion for education and inspiring others. During my time as a student, Kevin expanded my outlook in the ever-growing digital communication field. Outside of the classroom, Kevin and I worked closely on the Airocide company’s blog. I saw his drive to take on multiple projects and the dedication and diligence Kevin has for his professional work. For that reason, I feel he has a repertoire of skills that would benefit the many different aspects of communications.”

Eryn Gordon

“It is immediately obvious to a student whether a professor is interested in his or her own subject, setting the tone for the course within the first few minutes of the semester. Kevin is one of those professors who you know has firsthand experience with, knowledge of, and genuine interest in his subjects, making for a truly enjoyable course that you actually look forward to attending and are sure to never miss a day. Kevin was my professor at Suffolk University for two courses: Digital Media and New Media, New Markets. Both courses with him were engrossing and interactive, making for a pleasantly refreshing classroom experience compared to the typical stuffy lecture styles common in universities. Kevin was always sure to aid any student who is confused or simply wants more information on the topic at hand, and consistently made himself available to us outside of class. I have taken many classes in my time at Suffolk, but those with Kevin were far and away the most engaging and directly applicable to my career.”

Kirsten Gunn-Graffy

“I took two classes with Professor Greenstein and they were my favourite classes during my education at Suffolk University. This was thanks to his informative and engaging approach to teaching. Professor Greenstein always has a positive and understanding attitude, but above all makes learning fun! Thanks to his Social Media class, I have been successful in two internship positions as a Social Media assistant and content creator. I am sure that the skills I was taught in both classes will with stick with me throughout my professional career. Overall I recommend him due to being such an open minded professor, who is easy to talk to and a great role model.”

Yolanda Wilson-Barnes

“I took ‘Design lab’ with Kevin at Suffolk University, and I really appreciate what I have learned from him. He was a great professor with professional knowledge in all aspects of new media, and he always gave me clear explanations and feedback whenever I had questions. Kevin was very patient with his students all the time, and he always gave me help on my assignment regardless how busy he was. Kevin is also a very responsible person, because he always gave his students feedback on their assignments in detail no matter what grade they got. He made sure that his students have learned the appropriate knowledge from the class.”

Manni Liu

“I had Kevin as a professor for my New Media New Markets class as well as Design Lab and he was best college professor I experienced during my time at Suffolk University. He is intelligent, witty, encouraging, and beyond helpful. I highly recommend his courses because you learn a lot and have fun while doing so!”

Teonna Anderson

“Professor Greenstein taught me a lot about websites and marketing in the New Media New Markets class at Suffolk University. He is the only professor I feel that truly tries to understand the goals of his students. Everyone at suffolk knows that he is an awesome professor which is why I was unable to take his class for Design Lab. He is currently helping me build my website for my music now! Thanks Professor Greenstein for continuing to help me with my website!!”

Jacinta Calixte

“Before taking Professor Greenstein’s New Media New Markets class, I did not have any experience with Adobe Photoshop, website design, digital strategy etc. Needless to say, I was quite new to the digital world. However, due to Professor Greenstein’s willingness and passion to teach every single student the ins and outs of web design, at their own pace, I quickly grew adjusted thanks to his close mentorship and several after-class help sessions. In addition to his patience and ability to really listen to students and help them overcome their individual struggles, Professor Greenstein not only gave great guidance regarding the digital realm, but also would share stories that gave myself a love for new experiences and obstacles, along with the confidence to tackle them. With that said, his persistent help and positive outlook led me to build the confidence to apply, and eventually accept, a digital strategy internship with Hill Holliday! After this, I took another class with Professor Greenstein and still continue to suggest other students, regardless of their major, to take his class because of the priceless, life-changing advice and education he offers!”

Olivia McSherry

“Professor Greenstein’s classes were spectacular, while taking his Social Media class last fall, I was in the midst of a social media internship while taking his class and was able to apply the skills I learned directly to my work experience. While establishing a respectful, interesting, relevant, and dynamic learning environment, he made sure to cater the class to our interests to keep the majority of students interactive. I have to reiterate, his classes were not only educational on the theoretical level, he also gave us skills that can be used in our careers. Without a doubt he was one of the most influential teachers I’ve ever had.”

Omar Qusrawi

“Kevin is an excellent professor and mentor. It’s very clear to see his dedication to teaching and giving a voice to his students. His courses were always a pleasure and he made himself available whenever necessary – I never hesitated to approach him for help on topics in class or advice on professional decisions. He’s the only professor (truly, in all my 4 years) I felt could relate to his students and made us comfortable in talking openly about our opinions or concerns related to school. Thank you Kevin!”

Iveta Zorubaite

“Not only is Kevin a great professor, but he is also an inspiring mentor. He’s always wiling to help you outside of the classroom which shows how committed he is to his students. He urges your work to be flawless, but in a very stressless and effective manner. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have my website for my portfolio which I give him credit for. Ultimately, I’ve learned a whole lot from him as he makes learning fun and exciting.”

Scott Song

“I have worked with Kevin for about 10 years now and he is one of the best supervisors I have ever worked with. He not only knows how to run and makes expert decisions, he also cares about the people who work with him and for him. Kevin is a hard-worker, dedicated to what he does and treats people with respect. He inspires loyalty in his writers and takes the time to develop a relationship with them. I highly recommend Kevin Greenstein from my 10 years working with him at”

Brad Kurtzberg

“Kevin is first and foremost a great person. While I wrote for Inside Hockey, Kevin always genuinely cared about feedback from us as writers and took it into consideration. Not only that, but after leaving Inside Hockey, he still is looking out for my career and my overall well being. He’s a terrific mentor to have.”

Andrew Bensch

“Kevin Greenstein has earned my highest level of commendation as a professional as well as a friend. Inside Hockey with his leadership has flourished and provided me the opportunity to experience what others cannot. Kevin is incredibly quick to answer questions, help me and others with concerns, and make sure that is maintaining the quality that he originally sought out to provide. He truly makes you feel as though you’re as large a part of the team as he is. I recommend Kevin Greenstein without reservation.”

Christopher Smith

“Kevin is one of the best site managers I have worked with! Always receptive to ideas and fair to all the writers on the staff, made and maintained a professional environment to work with at Inside Hockey.”

Marisa Ingemi

“Kevin was great to work with at Inside Hockey. His commitment to improving the site while giving writers flexibility on what content they produce was excellent.”

Matthew Speck

“Kevin is the kind of smart and talented entrepreneur you want on your side. I have learned a lot from working with him, he still designs and manages my website, and his marketing savvy is unparalleled.”

Amy Brenna

“I have been working with Kevin Greenstein since 2005 and he has designed and implemented several websites for my company during that time. Kevin’s knowledge of the most efficient, effective and secure way to manage an online presence is unparalleled. Additionally, and I might add extremely important to me, is how easy Kevin is to work with. It is my pleasure to give him my highest recommendation and encourage you to work with him.”

Karen Jacobsen

“I have worked with Kevin for over 10 years. He is creative, reliable, trustworthy, and fast. Kevin does all of my websites, manages my business email, creates great promotional emails for my subscribers and always has great ideas and advice on how to promote online, and is very knowledgeable and realistic. I have and would highly recommend Kevin to anyone.”

Sophie Serafino

“Kevin is skilled, professional, creative, proactive, caring and so easy to work with. We have never met in person, but I know he has my back, and cares about my success as an independent artist and activist.”

Jen Chapin

“I had the pleasure to work with Kevin early on in my marketing career while building the roots underneath the marketing plan that launched Net4Music. It is rare to find someone like Kevin who has the ability to blend talents in marketing and analytical strategy, with his ability to connect with the deeper emotional and behavioral insights that drive customers to act. This skill set allowed Kevin to design a marketing and media platform at Net4Music that drove significant customer demand in very a short period of time. Aside from his many skills as a brand marketer, he was and has always has been a compassionate and trusted leader. Kevin was someone that people repeatedly came to for trustworthy advice, insight and guidance.”

Todd Warner

“Kevin is unflappable. In a whirlwind business environment, count on him for a measured, intelligent approach to getting things done – and always with creativity, insight and a fantastic attitude.”

Angelica Carey

“Kevin and I worked together at Citi Cards and subsequently when he consulted for a start up I advise. I have always found Kevin to be a super innovator. Way ahead of the curve. He has deep skills in all aspects of digital marketing. He is creative and always gets the job done.”

Steve Kietz

“Kevin was a great employee! Very hard working and did whatever it took to get the job done. He worked tirelessly and always with a smile on his face!”

Cary Carbonaro