Kevin is a marketing leader with over 20 years experience in creating and executing strategic marketing and brand campaigns. He has a proven track record in building and executing programs that achieve critical revenue and audience goals. He is a creative thinker, leveraging data and customer needs to drive organizations of all sizes forward. His expertise includes global brand development, content strategy, social, SEO, web, PR, thought leadership, partner marketing, agency management and lead generation programs. He is also a dedicated mentor who empowers individuals and teams to do their best work.

His work experience is detailed below; the information is also available here, organized by Skills.


Work Experience

Social Media Strategy (Consumer + B2B)

Designed an innovative social media strategy for emerging spirits brand that grows the consumer audience while also strengthening partnerships with restaurants and bars.

Branding & Marketing

Participate in branding and marketing decisions, including packaging and identity.

Content Marketing Strategy

Work closely with the CEO to frame and create programs to meet audience objectives.

Web Strategy & Development

Developed a web presence for P-Solve’s US business, implementing a responsive design to deliver a strong user experience across all platforms.


Content Strategy & Development

Developed a content strategy for P-Solve to help raise its profile as a “thought leader” in institutional investment and actuarial advisement and fiduciary management, leveraging its website, email newsletter and social media presences.

Email Marketing

Designed and implemented a design-forward email newsletter for P-Solve, helping them to achieve a higher level of engagement with existing and prospective clients.


Developed and launched an internationally-recognized online hockey magazine with a monthly readership that peaked at over 100,000 readers and an email newsletter subscriber base that peaked at over 25,000 members.

Business Development

Established partnerships and/or business relationships with numerous high-profile companies, including the NHL, HDNet, Fox Sports, XM/Sirius, Universal Music, Sony, STATS Inc., the New York Sun, the Wall Street Journal, and Getty Images.

Web Strategy & Development

Built site architecture using Drupal’s CMS (content management system) in 2006, then migrated the site to the WordPress platform in 2010.


Team Building & Management

Assembled and managed a team of over 100 writers, photographers, and editors across the US and Canada. Many former Inside Hockey team-members have gone on to play key roles with NHL teams (Detroit Red Wings & Anaheim Ducks) and major media outlets (Toronto Globe & Mail, ESPN, YES Network).

Communications: Radio

Co-hosted the Inside Hockey Radio Show with James Murphy and former NHL star Kevin Stevens on SM/Sirius, The Team 990 (Montreal) and Sporting News Radio (Boston).


Email Marketing

Designed a CAN/SPAM-compliant email marketing product for clients, focusing on delivering clean, brand-consistent content to their email newsletter subscribers. Developed (and helped to implement) strategies to help clients to increase their subscriber base.


Account Management

Managed the business relationships with a client base consisting of over 75 musicians, many of whom have leveraged the service for over 10 years.

Business Development

Implemented strategic partnerships with technology providers and complementary service providers to help deliver best-in-class email marketing solutions for clients.

Web Strategy & Development

Designed websites and micro-sites for numerous clients, helping to ensure that their branding was consistent across all digital media platforms.





Developed and launched a boutique marketing service firm for musicians, focusing on direct-to-fan communications (email, social media) designed to increase music and ticket sales.

Adjunct Professor

Served as an adjunct professor at Suffolk University for eight years, teaching three different courses in the areas of new media, social media and graphic design.

Mentorship & Career Development

Took an active role in ensuring that students completed and absorbed all course material, and continued to be a valued resource after the courses were completed, helping the students to effectively leverage their learnings in their career pursuits.

Honors & Appreciation

Courses at Suffolk were consistently filled to capacity, with waitlists often equal or greater than the class size. Won a student-nominated teaching award, and have maintained contact with hundreds of former students.

Web & Social Media Marketing

Developed course materials to teach basic and advanced strategies for leveraging web marketing (i.e. AdWords, web advertising, etc.) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of advertising/marketing efforts.

SEO & Web Analytics

Developed course materials to teach basic and advanced strategies for effectively leveraging SEO (search engine optimization) and web analytics (i.e. Google Analytics) to substantially improve sales/marketing performance.

Syllabus Development

Developed the syllabus for an extensive course in Web Analytics, Web Marketing and Social Media for the Fullbridge Company, including content outlines, video scripts, reading assignments and interactive learning checks.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Developed a digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and sales, leveraging the Airocide website and multiple social media platforms.

E-Commerce Development

Fully implemented an e-commerce platform for Airocide’s DS (Medical/Dental) product – including merchant bank integration – in under two weeks.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Developed an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy for Airocide, including the implementation of a blog that drew direct connections between the Airocide air purifier and the respiratory ailments/concerns it solves for (allergies, smog and pollution, off-gassing, etc.), achieving first-page results for numerous relevant searches.

Business Development

Assisted with the development and launch of the Pro Football Focus (PFF) Fantasy brand, working with Mike Clay to develop a strategy to leverage PFF’s extensive data and analysis to deliver top-tier fantasy football content.

Branding & Design

Helped lead the development of the PFF Fantasy brand, including designing the PFF Fantasy magazine that was distributed across North America in 2011, 2012 and 2013.




Content Strategy & Development

Worked closely with the editorial team to develop a content strategy that provided fantasy football fans with the most accurate and comprehensive analysis available, including extensive support for IDP and dynasty leagues.

Newspaper Columnist

Wrote bi-weekly columns on the New York Rangers, Islanders, and Devils, incorporating interviews, analysis and news reporting, and developed a weekly Power Rankings feature that generated substantial reader feedback.


Time-Sensitive Performance

Consistently completed 800-1,200 word columns within 30 minutes of the conclusion of that night’s game, delivering accurate, publication-ready copy on extremely tight deadlines.

Content Strategy & Development

Identified storylines to follow for all three NYC-area teams (Rangers, Devils, Islanders), implementing interviews and in-depth analysis to deliver best-in-class hockey coverage. Developed unique hockey-related content to entertain fans during the 2004-2005 NHL lockout.

Team Management

Managed an organization of 50+ in NY, Paris, Lyon and Minneapolis, ensuring that team-members communicated effectively and positively despite substantially language and geographical challenges.

Business Development

Implemented and managed partnerships with EMI, BMI, Yahoo! and Coda Music, the latter of which led to a merger (Coda Music + Net4Music = MakeMusic). Member of transition team for Net4Music/Coda Music merger.

Marketing Strategy & Budgeting

Developed and managed online marketing plan ($2 million annual budget), including the implementation of a performance-based $1 million deal to become the official sheet music partner/provider for Yahoo! Music.

Customer Acquisition

Managed member acquisition efforts for GeoCities, increasing registration from 2-3.5 million users in advance of GeoCities’ purchase by Yahoo!.

Agency Management

Managed agency relationship with Wunderman Cato Johnson (WCJ), leveraging strong relationships cultivated previously while at Citibank.

Merger Strategy & Implementation

Member of transition team for Yahoo!/GeoCities merger, helping to identify strategies for incorporating GeoCities’ website-building products into Yahoo!’s core business.

Customer Acquisition

Designed, developed, and launched Citigroup’s first online credit card application, including the implementation of tracking and fulfillment technology that seamlessly integrated with existing offline marketing efforts.

Web Strategy & Development

Directed the redesign of the Citigroup US Bankcards website, and managed the development and implementation of micro-sites for the Sony and Jack Nicklaus co-branded card offerings.

Agency Management

Managed relationships with three interactive/creative agencies ($3 million annual budget): Wunderman Cato Johnson (WCJ), Modem Media and Luminant Worldwide.

Account Management

Implemented an Account Management System to streamline communications between clients and agency, establishing new protocols at a time when digital media was in its nascent stage.

Web Content Strategy/Marketing

Coordinated web content for the debut websites for AT&T, A&E TV, M&M/Mars and Purdue Pharmaceuticals. The Skittles (M&M/Mars) website leveraged their NASCAR-sponsored car/driver relationship into engaging content marketing.

Online Marketing & Advertising

Developed online media campaigns, including creative and advertising placement, to help clients increase the reach and performance of their web-based marketing initiatives.

Account Management

Recruited and supported a national client roster including Citicorp, Forbes, Time Inc, Wenner Media, NordicTrack, and Ziff-Davis. Recruited and supported 110+ local clients in Ann Arbor, MI and 75+ local clients in the Hamptons resort area (NY).

Product Testing & Development

Designed a product test in Ann Arbor, MI, getting 110 local businesses to publish online coupons in the fall of 1996. The test was a great success, with a retention rate well over 85%.

Web Strategy & Development

Worked closely with editorial/design to ensure that the e-Coupons online product/service was properly presented and positioned to achieve clients’ unique marketing objectives.